Free Sample Shipping Policy

Welcome to our Free Sample Shipping Policy page. We understand the importance of evaluating products before making a purchase decision, especially in the B2B sector. To support this, we are pleased to offer the option of shipping free samples to our potential buyers. However, to ensure that our samples are sent to serious and qualified buyers, we have established certain conditions.

Eligibility Criteria for Free Sample Shipping:

To be eligible for our free sample shipping, prospective buyers must meet the following requirements:

1. Purchase History:Applicants must provide proof of their purchasing history for the last three months. This is to ensure that we are dealing with active businesses in the industry, which aligns with our policy of supporting genuine B2B transactions.

2. Monthly Purchase Volume:The provided purchasing records must demonstrate a consistent monthly purchase volume of at least 5,000 units. This criterion helps us identify and prioritize businesses that have substantial purchasing power and are likely to engage in significant transactions with us in the future.

Application Process:

To apply for free sample shipping, please follow these steps:

1. Submit your purchasing records for the last three months, ensuring that they clearly show your monthly purchase volume.

2. Ensure that your documents are complete, eligible, and verifiable.

3. Send your application and supporting documents to our designated email address or through the application form on our website.

Review and Approval:

Upon receiving your application, our team will review your submitted documents to verify your eligibility. If your application meets our criteria, we will notify you and proceed with the shipping of the samples.