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About Us – Luck Vape

Luck Vape is a distinguished purveyor of electronic cigarettes in the European market, operating with a commitment to quality and innovation. Established as a key partner of Shenzhen Thunder Storm Technology Co., Ltd., we share a synergy with their esteemed brand “LUCKEE”, harnessing the pinnacle of e-cigarette manufacturing since 2013.

Headquartered in Germany, Luck Vape is anchored in excellence, operating from a state-of-the-art facility that epitomizes the highest standards of production and safety.

At Luck Vape, we are more than a brand; we are a beacon of excellence and innovation in the European e-cigarette market, committed to delivering an unmatched vaping experience to our clientele.

About luckee vape

Shenzhen Thunder Storm Technology Co.,Ltd is a brand manufacturer since 2013, focus on e-cigarette products, built with our own brand “LUCKEE” .

Our company with two food-grade dust-free workshops, total 10,000 square meters, with 300 staff and professional production equipment, such as: Automatic oil filling machine, Automatic labeling machine, E-cigarette smoke suction tester, Smoke test equipment, Automatic sealing machine, E-cigarette Sensitivity Tester and etc. Produce around 2 million pieces monthly, strictly follow ISO9001 standard.

We have a strong R&D team, the company invests 25% of its annual turnover in research and development of new products every year.

Today, we have up to 100 independent patents and certificates.

Quality Guarantee

6 times QC check
100% QC check before packing&shipping


10 years OEM & ODM experience serviced for 100+ e-cig brands


Invest 25% of annual turnover for R&D 10-20 new products output each year

Fast Delivery

OEM:10-15 days ODM:20-25 days

Call us for inquiry : Monday to Sunday : 24 hour

+86 186 2928 6242

+86 186 2928 6242

Meet Our Team of Experts

jeremy courtney

Founder & CEO

jeremy courtney
terry g. watson

Senior Executive

terry g. watson
agnes southern

Senior Executive

agnes southern
mark s. parsley

Senior Executive

mark s. parsley

why choose luck vape

Choose Luck Vape, embrace innovation, experience quality, and co-create a greener future.

  • Innovation Leadership: Our continuous investment in product research and development ensures our leading position in e-cigarette technology innovation. By aligning with market trends and consumer feedback, we constantly introduce new products that offer safer, more advanced vaping experiences.

  • Exceptional Quality: Our products are designed and manufactured in strict accordance with international quality standards and have undergone numerous safety and quality certifications. We are committed to providing high-performance, reliable e-cigarette products that customers can trust.

  • Customer First: We have established a comprehensive customer service system dedicated to providing personalized service and support. We value each customer’s feedback, continuously improving our products and services to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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